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Construction Adhesive

Construction Adhesive

SKU: 292251

This low-odor adhesive features a “Green” formula, making it environmentally safe.


    • A premium quality, all-purpose construction adhesive, providing fast -grab properties.
    • Formula is low in VOC’s & allows water clean up.
    • High initial tack often eliminates the need for nails & screws, is low-odor & considered environmentally friendly.
    • Fast Grab & High Initial Tack
    • High Strength
    • Low VOC & Low Odor
    • Water Clean Up
    •  Water & Mildew-Resistant at Cure
    • Environmentally Safe
    • Non-Flammable
    • Water & mildew-resistant @ cure
    • Freeze/Thaw Stable


    • Bonds most common construction substrates, including brick, carpet, ceramic tile, chip board, concrete, cork, drywall, foam board, FRP panels, glass, plaster, plywood, rigid PVC, stainless steel, vinyl cove base & wood.



    • Color: White



    • Not recommended for mirrors
    • Not recommended for natural marble (staining)
    • Not recommended for water immersion applications
    • Not recommended for cement board applications (Durock™)
    • Not recommended for PE, PP, Nylon™ or Teflon™
    • Not recommended for metals that may corrode



    • Limited Warranty: Recommendations for use of this product are based on tests we believe to be reliable. Manufacturer and seller are not responsible for results where this product is used under conditions beyond our control. If when applied as directed, this material fails to perform, it will be replaced without charge upon presentation of proof of purchase and used container. This limited warranty only applies to residential use and damages including consequential damage and other remedies are excluded. No other warranties apply, including fitness for a particular purpose.

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