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KP Turnkey Services is offered for new construction projects in the multi-family and building industries. We are a solution provider of finishing products for every aspect of the home. Our products will be customized according to your specifications to ensure compatibility with your projects. It all starts with a discussion between you and a member of our sales team.


We have been serving the multi-family and development industry since 2013. Let KP Direct become your one-stop product solution. We will be your one point of contact for invoices, deliveries, and product information. Contact us today to get your free estimate!



1. Define Scope

The client defines the scope of the project to KP Direct's team.

4. Item Production

After selections & quantities are finalized & confirmed, all of the products go into production.

2. Create Package

A package is created based on the client's building matrix.

5. Product Delivery

Products are delivered to the job site. A 3PL is offered if you have limited on-site storage.

3. File Provision

Final drawings & specifications are provided to the client.

6. Item Installation

After the delivery of products, the assembly & installation will be done by KP Direct's team.

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