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Granito Amarelo Laminate

Granito Amarelo Laminate

SKU: 1878K-35


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      Granito Amarelo Laminate with Mirage Finish


      Granito Amarelo is a large scale dynamically veined stone in wide bands of buttery yellow, dark goldenrod, and speckled gray-blue. A subtle, but complex stone with a lilting laminate design pattern of gold, brown, caramel, black, white, and cream over a grey background. Various sizing and pattern specifications may be available upon request.


      • Approximate Design Repeat Length: 55"
      • Approximate Design Repeat Width: 60"
      • Large-Scale Pattern
      • Directionally-Specific Pattern
      • Antimicrobial Protection

      Sheet Sizes

      • 4' x 8'
      • 5' x 10'
      • 5' x 12'
      • 5' x 8'

      General Details

      • Product: Countertop Laminate Sheet
      • Thickness: 0.039"/0.043"
      • AEON? Yes
      • Granite Scale: Large
      • Surface Design: Granite
      • Premium Laminate? Yes
      • Other options may be available upon request.


      Product Type Options

      • Postforming Wilsonart® HD® Laminate
      • Re-Cover™ Laminate


      Warranty Details

      • Warranty: 1 Year After Date of Purchase

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