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Solar Panel Mounting Kit

Panel Mounting Kit



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      UL approved mounting and racking can be used for grid-tied projects that require inspection and permits.

      • The Grape Solar racking system is ideal for installing four 60-cell or 72-cell PV solar panels on a curved tile sloped roof

      • Required roof space: 72 sq ft

      • Configured for array layout of 1 rows by 4 columns, portrait orientation

      • Racking configured for installation of panels in portrait orientation

      • Built from anodized aluminum and stainless steel for superior weather protection

      • The low profile direct mount configuration of this kit allows for minimal disruption to the aesthetics of your homes roof line



      • Maximum Solar Panel Thickness (Inches): 1.9685
      • Minimum Solar Panel Thickness (Inches): 1.1811
      • Number of Rails: 2
      • Rail Material: Aluminum
      • Rail Color: Silver
      • Number of Solar Panels Mounted: 4
      • Intended System Size (Watts): 1060
      • Required Roof Space (Sq. Feet): 72
      • Roof Types: Curved tile
      • Tilt Adjustable? No
      • Maximum Roof Pitch (Degrees): 27
      • Maximum Module Width (Inches): 64.5
      • Rail Length (Each) (Inches): 168
      • Total Kit Weight (lbs.): 36
      • Hardware Included? Yes
      • Package Contents: 4pc Haticon Rail, 7-ft, 4pc Haticon End-Clamp, 6pc Haticon Mid-Clamp, 4pc Haticon Grounding Clip, 4pc Haticon Grounding Lug, 2pc Haticon Hatibond Splice, 8pc Haticon L-Bracket, 8pc Tile Hook
      • Rail Clamps Included: Mid & End Clamps
      • Roof Attachments: L-Feet


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