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30 Pint Portable Commercial Dehumidifier

30 Pint Portable Commercial Dehumidifier



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      Introducing the world's smallest commercial grade desiccant dehumidifiers which features a patented drying technology using ZEOLITE absorption material. Moisture is simply vented away without the use of compressors, water pumps and containers. Using 3-hole system - the wet air that is drawn into the unit is filtered and cleaned, then the air is separated - 85% of the dry, cleaned air is exhausted out while the remaining 15% is used to exhaust water as Nano Mist to the outside. This unit is not affected by power cuts and operates automatically, rated for 24-hours a day usage. It can work upside down or on its side to enable to easily mount on ceilings and walls. Traditional refrigerant dehumidifiers are prone to stop working in cold and hot environments, while this unique technology can pull moisture from 104° F all the way down to minus 4° F room temperature, making it 4 times better at drying the home than a compressor unit. Better performance means better energy efficiency and more cost savings. Almost the size of a shoe box, these dehumidifiers are easy to carry and can be placed in many small and hard to reach spaces. Stainless steel PRO versions are ideal to keep kitchens and public washrooms dry and can be great for freezer ice production and boat protection. Use the stainless-steel versions to keep boats dry as salt can be highly corrosive to casings.


      • Large Operating Range: Since it uses a desiccant wheel (without a compressor), this dehumidifier is effective in areas without heat. Use it in temperatures from -4° F to 104° F.
      • Self-Regulating: Simply turn it on and set it to your desired humidity level. It tests your air and adjusts as needed to maintain the set humidity level. It’s designed to be turned on at all times - but requires no extra work from you.
      • Versatile Ducted Solution: While you can place it on the floor, this 11-pound dehumidifier can be mounted on walls or the ceiling. Five-inch in and out ducts pull in and push out dry air into your location, while a 1.5-inch duct delivers moisturized air outside.
      • Long Power Cord: This dehumidifier uses a standard 120-volt outlet and includes a 15-foot power cord with purchase.
      • Lightweight and Easy to Install: Since this desiccant dehumidifier only weighs 11 pounds, one person can easily move and install it.
      • Steel Design: Its interior and exterior are designed with steel for long-term use and to stand up to tough conditions.
      • DIY Installation: Professional installation isn’t required, but be sure to follow installation instructions closely.
      • Common Uses: Cold basements and other areas without access to heat, storage facilities, building maintenance and flood drying.
      • This dehumidifier removes 16 pints of moisture per day and is ideal for use in rooms up to 500 square feet.
      • Designed for use anywhere - on the floor, walls, or ceiling - this desiccant dehumidifier effectively pulls moisture from rooms.
      • Whisper quiet operation - 49dB at 3 ft. sound pressure
      • Built-in humidistat that can be user set
      • Flat handle can be extended to allow for easy carrying in 1-hand
      • Anti-scratch plastic feet can be swiveled out to make 4 anchor points for wall or ceiling mounting
      • Easy access to key parts for easy repair and maintenance
      • Auto reset after power out
      • Reticulated dust filter in metal frame can be shaken clean or replaced quickly, prevents dust particles from entering the unit and impeding performance of the machine


      • Certifications and Listings: ETL Listed, No Certifications or Listings
      • Control Type: Electronic
      • General Color Family: Metallics
      • HVAC Product Type: Air Treatment
      • Manufacturer Warranty: One Year
      • Maximum coverage area (sq. ft.): 500
      • Number of Speeds: 1
      • Product Depth (in.): 7.87
      • Product Height (in.): 7.87
      • Product Weight (lb.): 10.58
      • Product Width (in.): 7.87
      • Timer: No
      • Voltage: 120


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