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    Textured Caulk


    This caulk is lightly textured to simulate the natural roughness of wood. Available in 7 colors designed to complement the most popular stain colors.

    • The caulking disappears into the woodwork while your home is sealed from the elements
    • Compatible with all Sashco stains
    • Water-based caulking
    • Resistant to rainfall in 1-4 hours

    • Adhesive Product Type: Construction Adhesive


      Application Range: Surface temp of 40˚F (4˚C) - 90˚F (32˚C)

      Service Range: -30˚F (-34˚C) - 250˚F (121˚C)

      Passes ASTM C-834, the performance requirements of TT-S-00230B and ASTM C-920 Class 25. Meets FHA requirements


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